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campanili di luce
IP43 rated table and suspension rechargeable light fitting for indoor and outdoor use. made of nautical paper with a chromed steel structure and base. the nautical paper is shaped like some bell towers that can be admired from the cà giustinian top floor terrace in venice and the paper special treatment creates an evocative design of solids and voids, highlighted by the light inside. at the top of the lamp there is a chrome hook to allow it to be wall mounted or suspended. sizes: san marco 105x105x405mm, san giorgio maggiore 105x105x385mm, san giovanni elemosinario 105x105x365mm. wired with 3000K 2W led source, diffused light, on/off switcher. 6 hour life and 14 hour rechargeable batteries. accessories: powder painted steel floor base. 240V 50-60Hz power supply included.



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