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marcello chiarenza


…adam! adam! you might have called me…I couldn't get in…I had to come through the window…dammit, there's water everywhere…the door was actually swollen. 
hey adam I'm here! why are you all in darkness tonight? I'm back in the chaos of your home, if you can call it chaos, this shambles of flooded home.
where is it? you can't see a thing…where's it hiding? I'm not talking to you as you're obviously still asleep and dreaming of me, the one you dream of
where are you, I'm asking the light switch, who's decided to hide in the dark this evening. 
but don't you think, dear boy, just a gesture would suffice? just one finger pushing a button, then yours, adam, is the hand of god…click clack.
adam! don't you think it's wonderful…when you find it…not god, the button?! I'm still in darkness at the moment, with my hands all over the wall…isn't this wall long when you're looking for the switch?! 
I know it's there, to the right or left of the door…but I can't find the door…it must have gone with the flood…it's dangerous with your feet in the water…light! thank god, the power's back on…

from 'il sogno di adamo' (adam's dream) a stage play by marcello chiarenza



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