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la luce che ho in mente
mario nanni at the triennale
la luce che ho in mente (the light I have in mind) is a light which illuminates, excites, communicates, moves, brings spaces to life, following a route which goes from the triennale to via solferino 18 in the Viabizzuno inmilano space, and arrives finally at the exhibition centre in the Viabizzuno perte space. it is a precise project idea which grows and expands, and does not stop at the creation of a product but also includes its use as a part of the project, as a source of inspiration for its composition. it is an idea brought to life by a number of people, all different, all from very different walks of life, with routes of personal development which at some point all meet: roads which branch out all with the same aim, to design with light. a map of ideas and emotions which in april becomes the map of milan translated into words, thoughts, proposals, objects and projects. at the triennale the space of thought comes alive: words of great designers, time for reflection, learning, discussion and discovery: the discovery that the lighting fixture is a way of reaching an idea, the instrument for constructing a successful project. mario nanni, claudio silvestrin, claudio la viola, joan sibina, michele de lucchi, henrik bønnelycke, anna scaravella, oscar tusquets, and peter zumthor will speak on themes relating to light and architecture. but it is in our showroom, at number 18 via solferino, that the project made reality begins to unfold: and the reality is the product. architecture in metal and wood designed for living in natural light while at the same time containing the Viabizzuno collection 2007. follow the map to discover conferences, personalities, novelties, products, la luce che ho in mente.



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