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dca incasso
damp location rated recessed light fitting for indoor use. made of oxidised and powder coated or chrome aluminium. the special system of height adjustable wings ables the installation on 10mm/0.4'' to 30mm/1.2'' thick surfaces. versions: dca incasso fisso diameter Ø210mm/8.3'' recessed of 80mm/3.1'' with cylindrical transparent glass, beam 140°, dca incasso orientabile diameter Ø210mm/8.3'' recessed of 135mm/5.3'' with 18° 40° 58° interchangeables optics, adjustable by 360° on the vertical axis and by 35° on the horizontal axis. wired with 2700K, 3000K or 3000Vb K (designed for high fashion industry) Ra98 led source with les9 up to 19.5W 1110lm and les19 up to 14W 1580lm . 120V 50-60Hz power supply not included, to be installed remotely. components: round bezel diameter Ø165mm/6.5'', square bezel 165x165mm/6.5x6.5''. accessories: blank square bezel 165x165mm/6.5x6.5'', fully concealed housing. finishes: my bianco, nero55 and polished chrome.



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