grandi spazi
modular system in ceiling or suspension versions for indoor use, made of black oxidized extruded aluminum. the system consists of: extruded profile with a section of 3.9”x1.9” in the following lengths: 47.2”, 94.5”, 118.1”; blind extruded lid and extruded lid with louvre, 7.9” long. the following are available: 2 GX10 20/39W metal halide kits, 4 G12 39/70W metal halide kits with 8° or 40° beam spread diffuser, 3 GX8.5 20/39/70W metal halide kits, 1 GU5.3 50W halogen kit, 1 G53 75W halogen kit and 1 17W-1600lm 3000K led kit. all kits are adjustable, equipped with a power supply unit mounted on a 7.9” long lid with a 4.7” long antiglare louvre to hide the light source. 5 fluo G5 kits wired for lamps are also available: 2x14W 23.6”, 2x21W 35.4”, 2x28W 47.2”, 2x35W 59.1”.



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