cilindro soffitto
indoor light fitting for ceilings in aluminium white, grey or black painted finish, for E26 par 20 or 30 lamps. pl 30 version can be also supplied with wiring for fluorescent lamps or for metal halide lamps (complete with ballast) with G12 socket. it is also available a pl 35 version (diameter 6.69”) in white, grey or black painted finish. this can be wired for metal halide lamps with G12 socket, for GX24q-4 42W fluorescent lamps. monoemission and double emission brackets for wall fixing are available as accessories for pl 20, pl 40 and pl 35 versions; the support dimensions are respectively 1.6”x1.6”x3.9” with 7” in diameter support plate and 2”x2”x6” with 7.1” in diameter support plate.



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