palo b.
wet location rated light fitting for outdoor use. pole available in cor-ten steel or in powder coated and oxidised aluminium, 500mm/19.7’’ or 5000 mm/196.8’’, with a pole head in sanded polymethyl methacrylate diameter Ø80mm/3.1’’, h.100mm/3.9’’, wired with four led sources with different colour combinations. thanks to the special ground anchor, the pole can be installed perpendicularly to the ground or inclined by 10° only 5000mm/196.8’’ version. if exposed to open air, the natural cor-ten steel will become covered in a brown, self-protecting, oxide layer that varies in colour over time, depending on its exposure to the elements. wired with 6050k, 3000k and blue 4x1W led source, with different combinations. 120 50-60Hz power supply included. accessories: ground fixing stake for 500mm/19.7’’ pole and ground anchor for 5000mm/196.8’’ pole. finishes: cor-ten steel, antique brown, night black, scurodivals and silver grey.



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