cubo 30
IP65 light fitting for interior and exterior use, made of AISI 316L stainless steel. available in the ceiling and flag versions in the following finishes: polished, satin-finish, antique brown varnish, night black, scurodivals, silver grey, white. available transparent or frosted glass it can take fluorescent, incandescent lamps, led. available for the ceiling version also the antiqued brass finishing. wall or ceiling light fixture, it can also be used as a recessed fixture thanks to a special flush-finish housing. the flag version, equipped with an adjustable bracket, allows adjustment of the luminous flux of the appliance and can also be supplied with a ground fixing stake or a flange to fasten it to the wall, allowing up to 150° rotation. installation is also possible on luna nascente using a special fixing bracket. with the emergency kit, the fluorescent+emergency kit and the special pictograms, cubo 30 can also fulfil signalling and emergency functions. in environments and in weather conditions with high salinity percentage the use of 316L polished stainless steel is recommended. cubo 30 is also available in natural cor-ten steel that, if exposed to the open air, acquires a brown, self-protecting oxidised coating, which changes in colour over time depending on its exposure to the elements. if fitted indoors, the cor-ten steel will behave like ordinary carbon steel. the flag version is supplied with a cor-ten steel bracket.



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