m1 micro
recessed IP20 or IP40 light fitting for interior use, in white, grey and black coated metal. it can be installed in plasterboard or brickwork walls using the appropriate housings and is available in both m1 micro 45° and m1 micro 90° versions. the m1 micro 90° takes a 12V 20W GU4 halogen lamp or a led 4W/350mA, 6W/500mA, 8W/700mA 3000K, available finishes my bianco and my nero. the m1 micro 45° version to be used as a step light or as ambient light, can be fitted with the 12V 1,5W G4 led 2700K supplied or a 2W 3200K led. bulb depth can be adjusted through a maximum distance of 35mm for both versions.



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