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la scala
IP20 recessed light fitting for indoor use with a white painted aluminium structure. it is installed in a 273mm hole previously made in the plasterboard. double wiring allows a diffused and an adjustable accent light. six different led kits are available for different diffused light effects: 3x3W rgb 24V PWM led; 36W, 3000K (warm white light) dimmable led; 36W, 4000K (cold white light) dimmable led; 45W rgb (coloured and white light 2700K–6500K) led, supplied with a dmx command; GU5,3 max 50W IRC; GX10 20/35W. a kit for GX10 35W or GX10 20/35W halogen lights is used for the accent lighting which can rotate and adjust up to 355° along the horizontal axis and up to 50° along the vertical axis.



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