c1 led
IP20 recessed modular system for interior use in white or matt silver oxidised extruded aluminium, complete with polycarbonate diffuser, available in four sizes: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm wired in the ‘all light’ version with 15,6W, 23,4W, 31,2W, 39W 3000K white leds, or wired with 10W, 15W, 20W or 25W rgb leds with 24Vdc power supply. supplied without power supply units and rgb controls. for the version with white leds it is also possible to use hollow profiles measuring 3011mm and wire them with a 6000mm long line of light led: 13W/m 1150lm/m e 26W/m 2400lm/m Ra95, 6W/m 600lm/m, 12W/m 1200lm/m, 20W/m 2000lm/m Ra80 2700/3000/4000/5000K, while for the rgb led version, there is a 6000mm long line of light led with power of 14W/m, sectionable every 98,33mm, both powered at a voltage of 24Vdc. in addition to the electrified modules, there are: profiles and fittings complete with cover and accessories (such as caps and straight joints).



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