kattameya heights residence
place:kattameya heights, egitto
project:tarek beshir
photos:bilo hussein
for the community located at katameya heights, enlighten light design intended to transform this family residence in a three-dimensional canvas that portrays a modern sanctuary. immersed in a lush landscape, the two-storey building unfolds slowly, revealing a neutral structure surrounded by a botanical masterpiece worthy of a midsummer night dream. the light project wants to shape the architecture, backlighting the filigree stone and animating it with the use of the bacchetta magica led. going up towards the villa, the path winds its way starting from the entrance, which acts as an interlude to introduce guests to an experience of grandeur with the use of the lanterna massima to illuminate the scene. to get an environment of absolute tranquility, the garden is illuminated by a collection of strategically placed small luminaires. the p2 and p1 spotlights lit the green, giving the game of light and shadow a dramatic accent in contrast to the classical architecture of the villa. the path towards the garden at the back is supervised by two symmetrical rows of palm trees to a private sitting area, by the pool. the use of the bacchetta magica has allowed to create a sense of linearity, uniform light walls highlight the various types of trees and their different textures, enhancing their drama. the light is designed to draw the profiles of the palm trees, the m444 spotlights stand out against the organic shapes on the night sky for an evocative view of a magical, unparalleled environment. in the courtyard, arches of the colour of the earth are illuminated in a subtle way to give depth, and play perfectly with the unpredictability of the surrounding trees. the campanula was used for the terraces on the upper floor to highlight the scale and frame the volume like a theatre. the garden is well kept to allow everyone to enjoy the lush greenery and immerse yourself in lights and wonders.



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