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h18, ufficio e showroom
place:shanghai, cina
project:h18, sede centrale heyi
buyer:heyi group corp.
lighting project:Viabizzuno inshanghai
technical sales consultant:luca chinello
photos:kuomin lee
h18, known as a space for work and craftsmanship, was created by the founder of heyi chen zenghua, together with friends, designers and professionals. a museum, a laboratory and a university. here people study materials, talk about technology, exchange experiences, one learns from the other. every space of the old industrial building of about two thousand meters, built in the nineteen fifties, is illuminated by Viabizzuno luminaires: a starry sky of royal incasso welcomes those who enter, the great beauty of the brass lampshade is displayed in the cafeteria on the ground floor. the helical metal staircase climbs around to two bacchette magiche led that brush against the ground. the light of 094 system moves continuously in the common spaces, while on the first floor tessera and n55 soffitto light up the vast collection of pictorial art. the warm light of the roy tavolo falls warm and punctual on every desk. zen gardens let the sunlight filter through. the meeting room is framed by the c1 tracks. which, as extensions of the metal pillars, mark the sober geometry of space. the achievement of people’s well-being through the salubrity of the interiors and the comfort of the building, that heyi was aiming for, it was possible thanks to the skilful use of Viabizzuno light and of its countless solutions. for us who have lived in the city for a long time, the land planted with rice at the entrance represents dream and poetry. a grain of rice in the four seasons, takes the air of paradise and earth; planting vegetables in autumn, flowers in the spring, rice in the summer, and harvest in the fall. the city to the city, in the middle of midtown, land of peach blossoms.



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