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we promote values in our business that are consistent with the most advanced international governance practices, including the united nations global compact , the largest strategic corporate responsibility initiative. we reaffirm our support for the ten principles  and intend to contribute to the sustainable development goals as well as the broader goals of the united nations

to this end, we fully embrace a sustainable strategy through policies, management, operating practices and initiatives that are aligned with our corporate culture and that contribute to a healthy, inclusive and sustainable global economy that respects human and labour rights, is capable of protecting the environment and is actively engaged in the integrity of every aspect of our business.

we have always been aware of the sensitive nature of the industry in which we operate. we are more convinced than ever that the true quality of what we do also lies in the sustainable success of our business through the pursuit and integration of economic, social and environmental objectives.


aware of the global challenges, we strive to act responsibly throughout the supply chain, from the choice of raw materials and packaging to the care taken in production and services. this allows us to offer our customers the highest quality lighting through unique solutions that combine craftsmanship and high technology, creating value for both the company and the environment.


in order to provide our customers with information on the safety and durability of our solutions, we have created a technical area that can be accessed via the qr code on the label on the outer packaging of each finished product. in addition to technical product data, information on the composition and correct disposal of the packaging and information on how to replace the light source and separate control gear can be found here.

  • value chain

    sharing the highest ethical, social, environmental, quality and efficiency standards throughout the value chain.

  • energy

    using only renewable electricity at our sites, almost 10% of which is generated in-house by a photovoltaic system.

  • excellence

    continuously evolving design and production to improve performance, people's well-being and customer service.

  • inclusion

    people who contribute to Viabizzuno's excellence and benefit from an advanced welfare plan.



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