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the half-yearly magazine that describes our way of making light. to appreciate, study and explore project and architectures, people and events and to work together with the art of light.
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report 17secondo semestre 2006
la lampadina a immagini variabili
projects: caserta: the royal palace
texman offices - aalborg - denmark
federico zeri foundation library - bologna
head office of daimler chrysler italia - rome
altare sports centre - savona
palazzo pisani a lonigo - vicenza
the white room – london – united kingdom
alma clinic – paris - france
mostra annibale carracci - bologna
2006 introducing brembo: automechanika frankfurt eicma milan …illuminated by liv - frankfurt - germany
campana brembana
faenza hospital - ravenna
il lumière nous mouille – paris - france
herbert hamak installation - verona
galleria moncada - rome
invitation milan april 2007
a collection of 69 posters
london100% design 2006
exhibition of mimmo jodice in naples
frassinagodiciotto at the sun exibition in rimini
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