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the half-yearly magazine that describes our way of making light. to appreciate, study and explore project and architectures, people and events and to work together with the art of light.
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report 23secondo semestre 2009
restoration, conservation and refurbishment design through the use of lighting
projects: venice bienniale foundation, cà giustinian
semivicoli castle - chieti
spazio fotografia a marco gerra (marco gerra photography site) – reggio emilia
palazzo tassoni estense - ferrara
nomisma offices - bologna
claudio silvestrin architects london office – london – united kingdom
mari d’oriente – salsomaggiore terme (parma)
palazzo candelpergher – rovereto (trento)
palazzo dei pio – carpi (modena)
alba cathedral, its liturgical upgrade – alba - cuneo
chipperfield for interior design energies (loggiato del richini) - milan
the mantua and reggio emilia gazettes
the twenty-second of april two thousand and nine
dentro l’opera di massimo bottura e mario nanni, faenza april 2009
june-july 2009, the Via…ggiando per costruirsi pavilion in spoleto
o'dino traces of contemporary design - spoleto
carmelo chiaramonte, dinner for fumis at Viabizzuno casa
lighting: poetry and craftsmanship
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