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the half-yearly magazine that describes our way of making light. to appreciate, study and explore project and architectures, people and events and to work together with the art of light.
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report 13secondo semestre 2004
the kaleidoscope people raffaello baldini poeta
projects: terme di vals - switzerland
ristrutturazione casa privata a marigliano (naples)
casa coppola - vicenza
casa n. - cuneo
new space for yoox - zola predosa (bologna)
precious projects - savona
culti - milan and ostuni
riviera golf club - san giovanni in marignano (rimini)
the “piazza” of brunico - bolzano
restauro portico dei mendicanti - bologna
grand hotel terme di comano - ponte arche (trento)
showroom boutique 38 - tolosa - france
light+building 2004
Viabizzuno inmilano workshop
retrogusto giugno 2004
piove la luce al teatro verdi
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