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Viabizzuno is a company that for more than 30 years has been making design its own reason for living; to design is a way of being, thinking and acting dedicated at 360 degrees to every action and thought in life. to design is the building of ourselves, to design is to go strongly toward the improvement. to Viabizzuno, to design should not be intended as a simple professional activity, but a way to establish a relationship with life and the others. to design means to build something that lasts and keeps on living beyond temporary fashion. the project is a promise, a suggestion of quality and value, it is the way to fix the disorder of the world.


 Viabizzuno works, designs, produces, researches and innovates, trains its staff. for years it has been creating its own design philosophy to assert itself day by day not only like an industrial reality; it aims also to create an ethic design process.. the strenght of Viabizzuno rely on working toward a customised design, finding solutions that didn’t exsist before, integrating light with architecture and so creating a recognizable image all over the world thanks to its formal and thinking integrity at the same time. Viabizzuno becomes a philosophy of life, a thought to follow by architects and designers in the world, an image in which to identify oneself, a style.

Viabizzuno designs light: light fittings, objects, lamps, lighting projects; but it also designs books, furnishing, apparel and graphic, editorial, culinary, photographic projects…it designs life around light starting from the observation.
the observation above all. to observe is to understand, taking knowledge and experience one has to store and make possession of: in Viabizzuno there’s a continuous growth process, made of intuitions and linked deductions.
listening is an important element in designer’s life. it is the humility of designers when they get in relationship with things, places, people. it is necessary to learn collecting what space gives us: sounds, colours, traces, images, words, needs. without listening, you miss the goal. and at Viabizzuno the goal is designing yourself.

for years Viabizzuno has being putting itself at the service of the most successful international fashion brands, institutions, museums, industries, design firms and public bodies by demonstrating how light has to be mixed with architecture, space, with the man who lives in, being at disposal of it. one cannot design by single light sources, but has to design the right light.
the future is in the search for the right light, no matter what is the light source. the future is in creating a culture of light and Viabizzuno is a pioneer of this culture.


“we want to bring into the world our work and our thought, our ideals and our craftsmanship, our innovation and our poetry, always faithful to a consistent, high-grade ‘made in italy’.
‘made in italy’ are not words like any others, a set expression.
‘made in italy’ is our nation, is the italian genius made of talent, the power to dream, but also to adapt with effort and imagination. ‘made in italy’ is a wording that has to represent us without becoming an element of mind narrowness and of inwardlooking approach. we must believe in made in italy manufacturing good italian products, to the extent to commit ourselves directly to represent it. it cannot be just a label: it is our fingerprint, our dna that makes ourselves proud of being italian.
the pride of our work has to be the pride of all our team, all over the world. we praise our team, as it was us who created it, but also as it is on our side, it attends us, it supports us without overtopping. people with enthusiasm, non exaltation. each individual has a unique value, is part of a symphonic poem. by forming a team one needs to focus on different and multifaceted skills. a designer has not one face only: it might be a cook, athlete, teacher, architect, sculptor or painter…and surely a dreamer with dirty hands from work”.
Viabizzuno has the face of all these people.



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