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we aim to promote a corporate culture characterized by virtuous behavior and a corporate governance system that prevents the commission of unlawful acts, while ensuring a working environment where employees can confidently report any illicit behaviors and promote a virtuous path of transparency and adherence to appropriate ethical standards.

with the goal of endorsing and reinforcing these standards, recognizing the importance of having a specific procedure governing the reporting of unlawful behaviors by employees and third parties, we decided to adopt this whistleblowing policy for reporting any conduct, including omissions, that constitutes or may constitute a violation or inducement to a violation of (i) national or european union regulatory provisions, (ii) values and principles set forth in the company's code of ethics, (iii) unlawful conduct relevant under legislative decree 231/2001 or a violation of the organizational model and (iv) internal procedures adopted by Viabizzuno.

for this purpose, we defined specific communication channels for the management of reports in order to comply with legislative decree 24/2023.




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