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binario trifase Vbb
track system for indoor use. made of oxidised and powder coated extruded aluminium with a section of 37.8x31.4mm/1.5”x1.2” serving as an earth conductor and an insulating rubber insert that contains 4 copper conductors having a section of 2,5mm² /12awg e 2 conductors having a section of 1mm² /19awg. sizes: 220mm/48”, 2440/96” and 3660mm/144”. supply voltage: 3~120V 50-60Hz up to 16A. accessories: left and right-hand power supply board, lateral end cap, cutting nipper for track conductors, steel suspension cable, linear joints, curved joints, curved flexible joint, T-shaped joints and X-shaped joints. finishes: white, black and matt silver.



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