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dca binario
IP20-rated track light fitting for indoor use. made of an aluminium spotlight adjustable on three axes, mounted on a track with a natural brass detail that marks the spherical hinge between the joint of the rod, which ables the 360° rotation on the vertical axis, and the handle, which permits an easy adjustment. a light trap is included at the bottom of the spotlight for an optimal visual comfort. dimensions: adapter 41x260mm, rod 190mm, spotlight diameter Ø55mm h.141mm. wired with 2700K, 3000K and 3000Vb K (designed for high fashion industry) Ra98 led source with les9 19.5W 1110lm and les19 14W 1580lm. optics: 18° 40° 58°. 240V 50-60Hz power supply included. finishes: my bianco, nero55, cromo lucido. dca binario is manageable from mobile devices via Viascenario app, Viabizzuno's wireless lighting control system.



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