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IP55-rated lighting system for outdoor use. versions: lucus 01, h.9000mm overground, lucus 02, h.7768mm overground, consisting of four AISI 304 stainless steel tubes with a diameter of Ø48mm; at about 3/4 of their height, the tubes spread apart to accommodate a light fitting then they come together again as a support for the accent spotlight. two included dali power supplies that can power up to 4 nett uno. components: nett uno 100 wired with 2700K o 3000K led source up to 30,4W 4577lm optics 8° 18° 25° 37° 58° hook Ø48mm, power supply excluded; kit bilbo g for direct light Ø262mm h.367mm, wired with 3000K 38.4W 4250lm led source, 40° optics and 240V 50-60Hz power supply included. kit lanterna massima for diffused light with an extra-clear blown glass ampoule, Ø224mm h.726mm, wired with 3000K 38.4W 4250lm led source, 240V 50-60Hz power supply included. accessories: band wrench for glass tightening and clamp for fixing external components. finishes: bruno antico, nero notte, scurodivals, grigio argento.



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