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profilo gc
IP20 rated suspension light fitting for indoor use. made of extruded aluminium having a 36x70mm section 1000m, 2000m or 3000mm sized, designed with an frosted diffuser for indirect and extruded microprimsatic polycarbonate diffuser for direct light, equipped with two 3000 mm steel suspension cables. versions: profilo gc1 with dark light optic for direct light to increase visual comfort and keep ugr (unified glare rating) less than 19; profilo gc2. wired in the bottom groove with 3000K Ra95 linear led source up to 78W for direct light and in the upper groove with 3000K Ra95 led source up to 39W for diffused indirect light. 24Vdc power supply not included, to be installed remotely, 5000mm cable included. accessories: linear joints. finishes: bianco V, nero55 and argento hacca.



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