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traccia terra
IP20 rated floor-standing light fitting for indoor use. made with microtraccia. 10mm wide groove with cable having a 10.6x4.2mm section with 2x1mm². sizes 180x200mm h.2300mm. versions: traccia terra 01 with n55 Ra98 3x9,7W 3x1240lm 30°, traccia terra 02 with micromen 3x1W 3x85lm 23°, traccia terra 03 with ecomini 2x12W 2x1000lm 31° and 13x8 510mm 7,5W 600lm diffuse light, traccia terra 04 with ecomini 3x12W 3x1000lm 31°, traccia terra 05 with trentotto 2x5,6W 2x544lm 41° and 13x8 510mm 7,5W 600lm ldiffused light, traccia terra 06 with trentotto 3x5,6W 3x544lm 41°. wired with 2700K led source. cable with plug and 100-240V 50-60Hz power supply included. finishes: nero55, base in forged, unprocessed steel, any marks or imperfections guarantee the uniqueness of the object. customize your light visit



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